MEGUIARS A2216 CARNAUBA WAX 473ml Code: A2216


$39.99 $49.00

In order to “lock in” and protect the eye dazzling finish you created with Steps 1 and 2 of the Deep Crystal System, you need to apply a protective coating that will enhance and extend the perfect finish created by Deep Crystal System Polish. Our Deep Crystal System Carnauba Wax delivers durable, long lasting high gloss protection with superb water beading action. Apply with an Even-Coat Applicator and remove residue with a Supreme Shine Microfiber for dazzling results.

This is Step 3 of Meguiar's 3-Step Deep Crystal System.

Step 1 - Meguiar's Deep Crystal System - Paint Cleaner Code: A2116

Step 2 - Meguiar's Deep Crystal System - Polish Code: A3016