9248 Fishing Hard Lure Big Mouth Popper Lure 200mm/118g Long Casting Trolling Fishing Top Water Lure

1. Type: Top Water Hard lure
2. Color: 5 colors As the pictures show ( 1st is available) 
3.   Eyes:3 Deyes    
4. Weight: 118.2g
5. Length: 200mm/7.8''
6. Hook: France VMC hook
7.Laser apparance 
8.Action: Top Water
1. Red elliptic mouth, strong temptation, hit water fiercely.  
2. Laser effect body, reflect light well, have strong temptation.  
3. Strengthen connection ring and conjoined stainless steel wire design have strong tension. 
4. Equipped with 3-times strengthen sharp and strong France VMC treble hooks.