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Color Available : WHITE ,ORANGE


Product Description

1. Materiel: UV treated  LLDPE SCG-M90  sourced from USA

2.Metal fittings from water resistant marine steel year return to base guarantee on hull 

The SUP, acronym for Stand Up Paddleboard, is a mix between paddling and surfing. It combine the surf feeling and freedom of surfing and planning on water even when there are no waves thanks of the paddle propulsion.

SUPer fun is a real all activity boar. Perfect for beginner thanks to its very low baricentre that makes it extremely stable, it feels at home in flat sea water, lake or easy river(class 1 or 2). But this is not all, if this board is used by expert and more skilled paddler can allow exciting adventure on river class 3.

SUPer fun, is accessorieated with a wacum storage that allow you to bring with you all you need for a day adventure in the nature, fishing, exploring or simply relaxing with friends.



Lenght: 292 cm / 115"

Width: 80 cm / 30,5"

Weight: 20 kg / 44 lbs

Max.Wt.Cap: 150 kgs / 331 lbs