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Colors availability : yellow,YELLOW/ORANGE ,WHITE/BLUE ,GREEN/BLACK 



1. Materiel: UV treated  LLDPE SCG-M90  sourced from USA

2.Metal fittings from water resistant marine steel year return to base guarantee on hull 

SEARIDER Mars double is a trend new compact sit on top for 2 people. It can be equipped as you prefer, backrest, foam seat, etc. It is very stable and compact, great to be carried by car on holiday with you.

Unsinkable, self bailing and equipped with adjustable footrest.

Lenght: 348 cm / 137"

Width 90 cm / 35,43"

Height: 35 cm / 13,78"
Weight: 33 kg / 72,75 lbs
Max.Wt.Cap: 300 kg / 661 lbs


Colors availabitilty

Red, yellow, orange, blue, purple, white, green